Bible Names Glossary

Bible Names Glossary 5.9

This FREE bible names dictionary provides more than 2,000 names from the Bible with their meanings and descriptions. This is a simple reference program with names of the men in the Old Testament and their meanings. The program can be useful for religion students, but will also be of interest of everyone who likes to learn more about men in the Bible.

Bilble names features:

  • Explanations of over 2000 Bible names
  • Simple and convenient program interface
  • Offline dictionary database - always in coverage and no data transfer charges
  • High dictionary compression ratio, allowing more than 100 kB of data to fit in under 40 kB device memory!
  • Easy installation

Do not miss the chance to use this free bible dictionary with our Noah Bible Reader! Currently available eBooks for Noah Bible Reader are King James Version Bible, American Standard Version Bible, La Biblia Reina-Valera and Westcott-Hort New Testament Bible. Expect more bibles soon! The New International Version is available trough Laridian.

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Bible Names Glossary


Bible Names Glossary 5.9

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